Team building

After a tiring day with training there’s a time to relax. Browse the exclusive collection of Villa Vitae and select your favorites ... we arrange the rest!

Gastronomy Programs

Wine Tasting

Spend a day with great wines from the Balaton region! We are pleased to assist you choosing the winery and the tasting menu, as well.



Palinka Tasting

For those guests who are interested more in the world of spirits rather than wine, we honestly recommend the palinka tasting help.



Chocolate Class

We are committed that everyone will leave the cooking school with self-made chocolate bon-bons. Of course, you may taste during the class or even obligatory.


Outdoor Programs

Extreme Sailing

Try an extreme sailing experience on one of Europe’s biggest lakes. You may even get the chance to complete very important tasks on the deck.



Speed Boat Tour

Prepare to the speed boat adventure on Lake Balaton! This breathtaking water tour offers an adventurous experience for all visitors.



Horse Training

The program is designed with the help of horses to point out the importance of accurate, open and honest communication, a consistent but fair leadership role int he management.


Horse Carriage

We recommended this program for those guests who want to learn more about lesser-known face of the Tihany Peninsula. Experience the beauties of Tihany from horse carriage.




Land Rover Adventure Tour

During the program, participants can try the off-road driving, facing different challenges which develop their creativity, their willingness to cooperate and their skills. We use the legendary Land Rover to explore the bumpy roads of Balaton National Park.


Trabant Tour

During the program, participants can learn more about the legendary Trabant The tour starts from the center of Balatonfüred. The tour has stations where the participants solve various entertaining challenges as a team, in order to obtain the station’s stamp.


Balloon Flight

An unforgettable balloon flight over Lake Balaton and the Balaton National Park .






VolunTeaming combines teambuilding with volunteer activities that create lasting memories for the participants. These programs enable guests to be a force for good and feel personally connected to the place that they visit.


Geocaching in Mill Valley

The Balaton Uplands has many secrets hidden in the forest … Our players follow the mysteries, armed with GPS handsets can discover the forest. Speed is an important point, who puzzles out the mystery first, wins the adventure!


Indoor programs

Our Cinema

The team become a filming crew. The tasks is to create a short film (advertising films, reportage, fiction, etc.) according to predetermined addresses or on their own idea.



Sing out the stress of ourselves! We can do that with Hungaian or foreign hits (or even on thematic basis).




Blackjack, poker, roulette and dice tables, knowledgeable staff and the fight begins for Fortuna’s favor.